Fantasy League 2018

The Woodhouse Grange Fantasy Cricket League is now live ahead of the 2018 league season.

ENTRY FEE:  £5 for the season.

This can be added to any outstanding subs payments (online or cheque), or £5 given to one of Harry Shipley, Tom Stubley or Marcus Smith.

Can we please ask you to make your payment at the earliest opportunity after creating your team. 

Anyone following from afar with Woodhouse Grange affinity is welcome to join in. Please email for further details.



  • Winning team at the end of the season: £30

  • Runners-up: £20

  • 3rd-place: £10

  • Manager of the month*: £5

*Manager of the month awards calculated as the team earning the most points in a given month - not necessarily the team at the top of the table. This applies to May, June, July and August. (28th April games - obviously - do not count towards May!)

Will Scuba's Superstars retain their title? Can Chris Bilton's lot go one better? Marcus's Mavericks to repeat their 2016 triumph after fading last year? Who else will present a sustained challenge? An eventful 2018 awaits us. 

This has been an excellent feature within the club over the past couple of seasons, encouraging fantasy team managers to keep tabs on performances throughout the club whilst contributing to club funds.

All Woodhouse Grange players, members and supporters are welcome to enter the fantasy league. 


  • Each team has a budget of £55.0m for their 11 players

  • Each player has a value ranging from £2.0m to £7.5m. These are arbitrary figures decided by the competition organisers based on a number of factors; they are purely designed to encourage mixed team selections comprising players throughout the club, and not to be taken seriously!

  • Each player is assigned with a role - again please do not be offended if you have been given batsman/bowler status instead of an all-rounder. The selection of all-rounders and wicket-keepers are particular restricted; so by classing as a batsman or bowler we have actually increased your chances of selection! 

  • Points are are awarded (or deducted!) based on performance - full details are shown on the Woodhouse Grange Fantasy League Rules Page.
  • Player role in the fantasy league has no effect on points awarded. A batsman with a 'golden arm' would claim the same points for a wicket as a bowler; likewise a bowler wileding the willow would accrues points for runs in the same manner as a batsman.

  • A team can be made up of 2-5 batsmen, 2-5 bowlers, 1-3 all-rounders and 1 wicket-keeper.

  • Some new features apply for 2018 - player price rises/falls, flexible team line-ups (it was 4 batsmen, 4 bowlers, 2 A/R & 1 W/K in previous years), triple captain.










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