Sponsored Walk 2017

Members and supporters of Woodhouse Grange Cricket Club had an enjoyable afternoon of walking on Sunday 3rd September.

The third annual club Sponsored Walk, this year saw the volunteers take a country route through many fields and footpaths around Newton-upon-Derwent and Sutton-upon-Derwent. There was a delightful mix of young, not so young and some in between, and this event once again showed how nice it is to get to know some new faces from within and outside the club. 

Naturally some refreshments were required along the way, so some welcome pit stops were made at the Half Moon in Newton, and later at the St Vincent Arms in Sutton. The 'Vinos' are of course are long-time supporters of Woodhouse Grange, and a number of our cricketers are regular patrons there.

After the long 'home straight' from Wynam Lane through Hobsons' field to Woodhouse Grange, Nick and Becky Hobson greeted the walkers by stoking up the barbecue for some much appreciated fuel! 

Some much needed club funds (amount to be confirmed) were raised through our volunteers' efforts. The intention is to put these towards purchasing an electronic scoreboard for our second ground - following the upgrade on our primary ground in 2017 - and some new chairs for the clubhouse; some existing seats having suffered from years of overindulging on the reknown Woodhouse Grange teas!

Many thanks indeed to all of those who participated in the walk; to Nick and Becky Hobson for cooking delicious food on the barbecue; to Russ Bilton and his bar staff for the post-walk refreshments; to Peter Jasper for kindly providing water and snacks for the walkers; and indeed to Martin Smith for organising yet another well run and worthwhile event.

Sponsored Walk 2015

File photo: Woodhouse Grange walkers; the togetherness for a collective cause illustrating all that is good about Woodhouse Grange Cricket Club.