Missing children policy

Woodhouse Grange Cricket Club recognises the need to provide some guidelines about the action that a coach, team manager or other responsible official should take in the unlikely event that a child goes missing.

Coaches, team managers or other responsible officials should:

  • Ensure other children in your care are looked after appropriately while you organise a search for the child concerned
  • Inform the child’s parents
  • Organise all available responsible adults by areas to be searched.
  • Send searchers immediately to any exits to the venue to ensure the child has not left, and to any obvious potential danger spots such as nearby lakes or rivers.
  • If the search is unsuccessful you should then contact the police, this should happen no later than 20 minutes after the child’s disappearance is noted
  • Follow police guidance and instructions
  • All missing child incidents MUST BE notified at the very earliest opportunity to the Club Welfare Officer, who will immediately notify the County Welfare Officer, and they must then notify the ECB Safeguarding Team